You made it!

When you visit this page you experienced the SANGOO approach (or maybe you are just curious about what this little man is doing on your colleague’s desk 🙂 ).

The Sangoo cube is a visual reminder. It is meant to linger in your working environment and to remind you about some key concepts you learned.

The cube represents an essential balance in change. A balance between IQ and EQ. Between process and human psychology, between ratio and emotion, …

The wooden block represents the ‘hard’ side of change. It’s meant to trigger the following type of questions: What phase are we in? WHY are we doing this change? How will we keep track of our progress? Do we have a planned approach about communication? Did I ensure strong leadership buy-in? …

The little avatar symbolizes the human side of change. It should trigger your reflection about why emotions come into play, about allocating time to learn, about the different perspectives (colours), about the attitude-behaviour iceberg, about the continuous improvement mindset, …

Eager for more?

Do you want to take your learning experience one step further? We have the perfect solution.

Check out our SANGOO tricks and treats YT channel. Our tips offer a perfect occasion for a moment of reflection on your change approach.

Sangoo tricks and treats Youtube channel

Or visit our blog where you can find a variety of articles on change management and change leadership topics.

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The sustainable origin of the cube

The wooden block is a product of sustainably managed forests and is produced in a social enterprise that offers employment to people with disabilities.