A change management process / approach with the human factor as an important driver, tailored to your context and needs.

Change is part of the day-to-day reality of organizations and their managers.

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Don't chase the models chase results

Sometimes change goes smoothly but sometimes it doesn’t go as planned:

  • Projects deliver too little, too late or not
  • Competitors are faster
  • Good people leave
  • Absenteeism is increasing
  • Employee satisfaction decreases
  • ...
Changing successfully? Let's talk!

Often, the human factor and how organizations and their leaders deal with it, make the difference between success and failure, between on time and late, between agile and slow, between economically efficient projects and costly missed opportunities.

The trees and the forest

But how do you manage that human factor, this aspect that should not be underestimated in the change management process? Human psychology does not always follow the rules of reason and logic. What is actually the right approach?

We help you steer what you can’t control

01. Business challenge and expected impact

You know your business like no other. All changes you envisage come from a specific ambition you have.

We want to understand the specificity of your challenge. We want to understand what it’s all about.

Together we map the human impact. What does it mean for your employees? What change in behaviour is expected of them? Which ideas will need to be adjusted? Where do you expect resistance?

A clear view of your business ambition and the expected impact contains crucial information to define an approach that maximizes engagement and prevents resistance.

02. Context and history

We know that a high-performance change approach must take into account the context of the change in which it is used.

The uniqueness of your organization, the unspoken rules that are part of your culture, are important parameters for us to create an approach that works.

We want to get a view on already taken steps and experiences so we do not start from scratch but take into account your ‘change – track record’.

03. The right approach for your business challenge

Based on your parameters (the input from step 1 & 2) and our change expertise, weco-create the best approach to activate the human factor as accelerator of your trajectory.

We substantiate through theory but translate into understandable language and concrete interventions tailored to your needs and context.

We know that strong leaders with the right approach at the right time, make the difference. The right approach ensures that the path from ambition to result is more efficient and effective.

04. Assessing, inspiring & adjusting

Change takes energy. When things get tricky, we roll up our sleeves, inspire with hands-on insights and support at critical intersections.

We are concerned about 100% realization but also know that moments of relapse are part of a change trajectory. Change requires perseverance and we are happy to give you that extra boost!

Don’t chase the models, chase results

A lot has been said and written about the human factor in change. There are plenty models that can be valuable but there is not one truth. There’s no silver bullet model that delivers magical results.

The true difference between 100% realisation of your ambition and a mediocre result depends on how well leaders and organisations manage to deploy the right insights and approaches at the right time to steer that human factor.

Our expertise supports leaders in making these strong choices. We bring structure and clarity in complexity.

Wondering how we can help you efficiently lead a change management process?

We are happy to help you and look forward to your questions and the corresponding challenge.

Changing successfully? Let's talk!