Change Management consultants with passion and expertise

As experienced change management consultants, we pay special attention to the human factor involved in change. We bring expertise to make change leaders more successful in realizing change.

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Els Heylen

Els has held various positions in the banking and software industry over the past 25 years. Achieving change is a recurring constant, not only in more recent senior management roles, but throughout her professional career. She is seen as a strong leader, motivator and communicator, with a focus on both EQ and IQ. Her drive for continuous improvement in quality, customer satisfaction and operational excellence has often been a strong driver to achieve the much needed change.

Stefaan Compernol

Change, people, processes and technology are at the heart of Stefaan’s professional path. As a psychologist, he has a strong interest in human behavior, learning processes and the human brain. He is always looking for creative, intelligent solutions that facilitate change, strengthen acceptance and make a difference.

Stefaan was active in various management positions within large and small organisations.

We help leaders manage the human factor of change.

We are passionate about the challenges of change within organizations and support organizations and their leaders in building internal change management competences in a way that is adapted to their specific needs, challenges and context.

Our values

1. Creative

We differentiate ourselves with creatively intelligent solutions, approaching the challenge from different angles. We prefer simplicity over complexity, eliminate wasted time and consider a win / win relationship of paramount importance. We love challenges, but we also like to challenge you with the aim of enrichment and achieving the best possible result.

2. Emotionally Intelligent

You are at the center of our approach. We look at what works best for you and your organization. We are always looking for ways to let our personal strenghts contribute to a better result for you. We are good and careful listeners, translating your needs into a tailor-made approach. We know that differences enrich and we actively look for that enrichment.

3. Agile

We work in close contact with our client, with short decision lines and clear agreements. We adapt, refine, jump in where necessary, without losing sight of the desired end result.

Although it is sometimes considered the ‘soft’ side of change, managing the human side of change proves many times more difficult and complex than managing the technical components of the change.

Investing time, energy and resources to manage the human side of your change ultimately pays off in terms of success by (often faster) achieving your goals and avoiding the various costs that plague poorly managed changes.

We bring a refreshing approach to the human factor of change management.

We deliver sustainable results. With a pragmatic approach and based on practical experience, academic change research and best practices, we define a holistic change approach for you to maximize success. We value the partnership with our customers and are flexible in our approach so that the results are in line with your goals.